Sa kinaharap na kaso: Incumbent EXCEL2018 VP Whang, naglabas ng public apology

24 August 2017

ni Joyce Ann Danieles

TATLONG linggo matapos hatulan ng guilty sa kasong isinampa ng Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista (Tapat), naglabas ng public apology si incumbent EXCEL2018 Batch Vice President Steven Whang noong Agosto 23 sa Central Plaza. Isa ito sa kinakailangan niyang isakatuparan kasabay ng hatol na suspensyon sa kanyang panunungkulan mula araw ng pagdinig, Agosto 4, hanggang sa pagtatapos ng kanyang termino.

Nakasentro ang public apology sa isyung kinasangkutan ni Whang kaugnay ng kumalat na post sa DLSU Profs to Pick patungkol sa isang group chat na naglalaman ng malalaswang pahayag niya kay incumbent EXCEL2017 Batch President Seanne Esguerra.

Narito ang opisyal na transcript ng pahayag ni Whang:

“I have no excuses and I deeply apologize for the comments that I made. I now know my behavior was unacceptable. I hope that the members of the community will see my sincerity in saying that the lapse in judgment was mine and mine alone.

Although the things I said was meant to be a private joke among close friends, that does not excuse the joke. I just wanted to say it was never my intention to hurt anyone in any way, but I am sorry that I did.

And of course to Seanne, I know na hindi ko na dapat yun sinabi yet I still did. There are no excuses and I deeply regret and apologize for it. I didn’t listen to my mentors/SCGs, and it was my immaturity and personal choice not to listen to them.

I know those words would have hurt you a lot, and again I apologize a million times for it. I knew even when I blurted out those words, my mentors will not be pleased. Looking back, I know I should have listened to them. Lastly, I understand that things like this will not be easily forgiven due to the gravity of the mistake, and I respect that.

I now know my mistake. I learned it the hard way especially knowing I would hurt someone with my words. I promise you that I will no longer do any kind of behavior that is even remotely alike.”

Retrato – kuha ni Arah Reguyal

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